Maximizing your wedding budget.

So you’re engaged! Congratulations!

While digging into all things wedding planning. Couples often become overwhelmed while trying to divvy up their budget priorities. You’ve already decided it’s not a wedding, without flowers (You guys are so smart!). Still not sure the best way to maximize the wedding flower budget? So lets start by breaking down what your priorities are,

Is clutching your fiance hands and confessing your undying love the most important part of your wedding day (the hopeless romantic in me says , yes). Or, are you spending more time creating a smashing reception? Let that priority help you decide where to focus your budget. If you’re dreaming of  the most romantic ceremony, and could care less about the after party. Go all out on a floral arch or installation as a background for the most magical day of your life. Those pictures of your ceremony altar will last forever

If you want to throw the best party ever, focus your attention on the reception awe inspiring reception designs. A set of stunning centerpieces, a floating head table design or spectacular entryway pieces. Create a stunning focal point to elevate the party!


One place we suggest not to compromise is on your Bridal bouquet. Your Bridal bouquet can be your most important wedding day accessory. The way the color palette plays off your gown, how the structure of the design impact your overall silhouette can create an magical effect.The Bride is the centerpiece of the wedding, and the bouquet is the centerpiece of the bride. It will be heavily featured in your bridal portraits so don’t skimp!  If you are on a strict budget ( and yes, we relate) Make your bridal bouquet one of your floral splurges.  Pair down your Bridesmaids bouquets, pair down your ceremony pieces before you deny yourself the bouquet you deserve.Your bridesmaids can carry something as simple as a single bloom tied with a long, trailing ribbon. As long as the details are considered,  Minimal is chic!  (Pro tip! flower are an excellent way to keep your hands busy if you feel awkward on camera.)


Centerpieces can take up to ⅔ of your wedding budget. A great way to keep your spending in check is by alternating centerpieces styles. Have your heart set on large, lush, elevated designs? The reality of those beautiful pieces can cost up to $1000 each, depending on the elements included!

So let’s talk about how to best maximize that space. Set those lush designs on every other or every 3rd table. Or, depending on the amount of reception tables do just 3 or 4!  Alternating with Candles; candles with loose blooms, candles with bud vases, candles floating above flowers Candles rarely look out of place OR Over done. They are a great way of taking up space on a head tables and long farm tables.  Another option is to do a low design. A lush compote, a collection of bud vases. Set low, to see over. You get a beautiful transition of centerpieces that create a scenes. By using a few different styles we also create visual interest in the receptions space. Giving the eye resting points, high medium and low, we create a beautiful rhythm. It gives the room a complexity that keeps guest visually stimulated without being overwhelmed

Well, maybe you’ve already bought 25 IKEA lanterns on a whim. You can still alternate styles within the same concept Lanterns surrounded by flowers, lanterns with flowers on top! Lanterns with flowers on the inside! There are so many way to change it up with the same central element. Schedule a consultation with us today to start a conversation about creative design ideas!


You know you want centerpieces, but how are you going to fit ceremony flowers in the budget too? This problem can be solved simply at all-in-one venues. Depending on your centerpiece styles you can easily transition some centerpieces from ceremony to table! 

If you’re going all out with your lanterns, take a set of those centerpieces and run them down either side of your aisle for double duty beauty! We recommend every other or every third row for aisle decor.  Those fabulous lush design you had to have? Take 4 of those bad boys and stage them on either side of your ceremony altar! Instant drama from pieces already accounted for!   Make sure you florist/ wedding planner/ event coordinator has signed off on replacing centerpieces during transition/flip

Maybe you’ve picked an additional location to have your ceremony, That’s okay! During the time gap between ceremony and reception florist/planners/coordinators can take some ceremony pieces and re-set them at the reception. Keep in mind, some ceremony pieces can not be transitioned. Wedding arches/chuppas are typically too large/ heavy to break down in a way that can be set up again. Flower walls, suspended designs and installation pieces can not be moved once in place.

It’s all about focusing on statement pieces. It has a much more luxurious, modern look to go big in a few places!   Splurge on your bouquet, large statement pieces and keep it simple in other spots to best maximize your budget

Let us know below, what your wedding priorities are and how your maximizing your wedding budget!

Thanks for Reading and Happy Planning!

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