Guide to Pricing wedding flowers

Hey Guys! Today I wanted to talk a little bit about everyone’s biggest questions when it comes to wedding flowers, “how much do they cost?”

I’ve created a handy, little wedding flower pricing guide to help you determine what works best for you and your budget. There are so many factors to consider when we talk about the cost of wedding flowers, it’s hard to give a concrete answer.

Want lilacs in October? Peonies in December? Seasonal availability is one of the largest factors in pricing. Thanks to advances in flower breeding and modern shipping methods, it might be possible to make those dreams come true. However, it comes at a cost. The limited amount of flowers makes the price more expensive. Rush shipping to prevent aging and freezing in transport costs more. Choosing in-season flowers or blooms like roses and hydrangea, is always the best option if you are budget focused.

High demand and delicate, luxury flowers face the same dilemmas. Trendy flowers like ranunculus and peonies are in high demand, which makes certain colors hard to find. Special flower varieties can often cost more than others. Love the natural Dutch blue hydrangea? The natural colors of hydrangea are mainly determined by the ph balance of the soil! That becomes a special challenge to create consistent color, resulting in a high price per stem. Dahlias and garden roses both have a reputation of flower divas. Beautiful, but temperamental. Delicate petals and blooms easy to bruise make shipping a challenge. It also makes the flowers more challenging to grow successfully.

After the wedding flowers arrive to the studio they are lavished in even more attention and care. Every individual bloom is carefully processed, babied and treated gently to encourage peak performance. Only after the blooms are fully hydrated, can the actual designing begin!

The style of designs you love can also affect your budget. Love the full, massed styled the Kardashians always have? The more stems of flowers required, the more expensive things become. Some special designs like cascade bouquets require extra mechanics, which adds to the price. For an average wedding, a designer spends about 100 man hours. Designing, conceptualizing, ordering, engineering and processing! Floral designers immerse themselves in their craft, passionate about making your wedding day magical.

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